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Nos. 1–59 (February 1995–June 2014)

This list was originally produced in printed form, and for reasons of space, most concert reviews and reports of conferences and meetings were excluded. We are gradually adding these items to the web-site file, but this task is not yet complete. We are also adding a selection of topics from the ‘Clavichord News’ section.

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Regular features:
In addition to the contents listed below, each issue normally contains a summary of new and forthcoming clavichord recordings and relevant publications, listings of BCS and other clavichord events, items of news and announcements relating to the Society itself, other clavichord news items and small ads.

Continuing series:
‘Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance’ by Peter Bavington appears in Newsletters 3-8, 10-12, 14, 16, 18 and 20;
‘Clavichords in Britain’, by many hands, is in Newsletters 1-5, 9, 14, 17, 21, 24, 35, 39, 42, 45, 47, 50, 56, 57 and 59 (and continues);
‘Playing the Eighteenth-Century Clavichord’ by Paul Simmonds is in Newsletters 22, 24, 27 and 29;
‘Pioneers of the English Clavichord Revival’ by Lynne Mirrey is in Newsletters 36 and 41 (we hope to continue this series).
‘Technical Matters’ by Peter Bavington is in Newsletters 51, 53 and 55, and continues.

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BCS Newsletter 1 (February 1995)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Foreword Derek Adlam
The Sacred Monochord: some new musings on an old manuscript Albert Chatterley
The Pedal Clavichord under Construction in Edinburgh John Barnes
Clavichords in Britain No. 1: The Lindholm & Söderström clavichord at Finchcocks Peter Bavington
The German Clavichord Society visits Leipzig Paul Simmonds
Recital by Colin Tilney at Lewes, 12 November 1994 Paul Simmonds
Letters John Weston, Theo Brueton, Gilbert Venables, Peter & Vivienne Sweet
BCS Logo vote and membership survey

BCS Newsletter 2 (June 1995)
Editorial: Introducing the Draft Constitution Paul Simmonds
Hubert’s ‘1771’ and the four-foot register Paul Simmonds
Clavichords in Britain No. 2: The C. G. Hoffmann clavichord at Hatchlands Park Edmund Handy and David Law
Membership Survey Results Judith Wardman
Papers read at meetings Albert Chatterley
BCS Meeting at the Open University, 11 March 1995 Susan Alexander-Max
Reviews: A clavichord bibliography (Galpin Society Journal XLVII); De Clavicordio (1993 Magnano conference proceedings) Peter Bavington

BCS Newsletter 3 (October 1995)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Clavichords in Britain No. 3: The Hubert 1784 clavichord in the Russell Collection, Edinburgh John Barnes
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 1: Equipment; correcting unisons Peter Bavington
The BCS at the Bate Collection, Oxford, 18 June 1995 Judith Wardman
BCS Visit to the Mirrey Collection, London, 22 July 1995 John Weston
Festival of Flanders, Early Keyboard Instrument Exhibition, Bruges, Belgium, 1–5 August 1995 Edmund Handy
CD review: Early Iberian Music and Sephardic Songs CD by Nelly van Ree Bernard Paul Simmonds
Letter: Copies of Hubert Clavichords John Rawson
London International Exhibition of Early Music, 8–10 September 1995 Albert Chatterley

BCS Newsletter 4 (February 1996)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Coupling between Clavichord Unisons and its Effect on Tuning John Barnes
Clavichords in Britain No. 4: The 1763 Johann Hass clavichord in the Russell Collection, Edinburgh Lance Whitehead
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 2: Correcting octaves Peter Bavington
The BCS at Haslemere, September 1995: the work of Arnold Dolmetsch Kenneth Mobbs
Clavichord Recital by Paul Simmonds, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, 27 October 1995 Richard Ireland
Clavichord Recital by Paul Simmonds, Lewes, 20 January 1996 Peter Bavington
CD review: Paul Simmonds’ German music for clavichord reviewed by Derek Adlam
Book Review: Boalch (ed. Mould), Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord, 3rd edition, reviewed by Edmund Handy
Tangent Rails John Barnes
Copying Clavichords Darryl Martin

BCS Newsletter 5 (June 1996)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Clavichords in Britain No. 5: The Michael Thomas pentagonal clavichord in the Bate Collection, Oxford (with an addendum on the other modern clavichords in the Bate Collection) David Law
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 3: Replacing broken strings Peter Bavington
First BCS Annual General Meeting, Forum and Recital by Derek Adlam, London, March 1996 Paul Simmonds and Peter Bavington
Lecture recital by Bernard Brauchli: The Clavichord in Spain and Portugal, London, 27 April 1996 John Collins
Second International Clavichord Conference, Magnano, 21–23 September 1995 Joel Speerstra
Clavichord Music at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 31 March 1996 Michael Blake
Review: Clavichord CDs by Miklós Spányi (PHI CD 95004 and 95005) Paul Simmonds
Letters: Judith Wardman, J. Kent Nilsson

BCS Newsletter 6 (October 1996)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 4: Performing a full tuning Peter Bavington
An interview with Sean Rawnsley
Clavichord with Chips John Lester
Clavichord recital by Colin Tilney, Lewes, 13 July 1996 John Collins
BCS Clavichord Weekend, Edinburgh, 30 August–2 September 1996 Lance Whitehead and David Law
The BCS at the London International Exhibition of Early Music, London, September 1996
[modern and historical clavichords] John Barnes
Applause at clavichord recitals Johannes Scheunen [alias John Barnes]

BCS Newsletter 7 (February 1997)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 5: Glossary Peter Bavington
An interview with Darryl Martin
Reports – Menno van Delft in England:
Concert at the Workshop, Lewes, 16 November 1996, and
BCS Lecture-recital on J. G. Müthel, London, 17 November 1996 Paul Simmonds
News of the Pedal Clavichord John Barnes
Letters to the editor John Barnes and Peter Bavington

BCS Newsletter 8 (June 1997)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Report: Haydn's Keyboard Music (BCS Symposium), St John’s College, Cambridge, 6 April 1997 Paul Simmonds
The Clavichord in Education: a survey Richard Ireland
The Case for and against the Electric Clavichord Lyndon Johann Taylor
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 6: Sticking keys (see also BCSN 10) Peter Bavington
Review: Interpretation of 16th-century Iberian Music on the Clavichord (Nelly van Ree Bernard) reviewed by John Collins
Obituaries: Michael Thomas (1922–1997) Michele Hanson; David Law; J. R. and L. M. Mirrey
Hugh Gough (1916–1997) John Barnes
Letters from John Barnes; Jeromy Rowett; Maria Boxall

BCS Newsletter 9 (October 1997)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Handel and the Clavichordium Maria Boxall
Clavichords in Britain No. 6: The anonymous triple-fretted clavichord in the Russell Collection, Edinburgh Darryl Martin
Reports: Twentieth-Century Music for the Clavichord, BCS AGM and recitals by John Cranmer and Virginia Pleasants, London, 17 May 1997 Ruby Reid Thompson
BCS visit to Fenton House, London, 2 August 1997 Kenneth Mobbs
The Society’s Growing Archive Albert Chatterley
CD reviews: Ernst Wilhelm Wolf Keyboard Sonatas, Paul Simmonds
Swedish Clavichords, Mikko Korhonen plays instant music (improvisations on clavichords in the Musikmuseet, Stockholm)
Laurence Let Loose, Jazz Improvisations on Early Keyboard Instruments (Alastair Laurence playing clavichord and fortepianos from the Finchcocks Collection); all reviewed by Derek Adlam
Obituaries: Dr Carl Dolmetsch (1911–1997) Paul Simmonds
Ruth Dyson (1917–1997) Jonathan Baxendale

BCS Newsletter 10 (February 1998)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Reports: Third International Clavichord Symposium, Magnano, 24–28 September 1997 Sean Rawnsley
‘The Keyboard World of Ernst Wilhelm Wolf’: BCS lecture-recital by Paul Simmonds, London, Royal Academy of Music, 25 October 1997 Maria Boxall
The BCS at the London Early Music Exhibition, September 1997 Richard Ireland
Derek Adlam plays at home and abroad (recitals in Switzerland, in Germany and in London for the BCS), November 1997 Paul Simmonds
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 7: Tuning - checking octaves (and sticking keys) Peter Bavington
Four Legs Good, No Legs Bad: in praise of the clavichord stand Francis Knights
The Priest, the Patient and the Clavichord John Lester
CD Review: Iberian Music on the Clavichord by Ilton Wjuniski John Collins
Useful repertoire: D. G. Türk, Handstücke für angehende Klavierspieler (published as Sixty Pieces for Aspiring Players by the Associated Board, London) Paul Simmonds

BCS Newsletter 11 (June 1998)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Obituary: John Barnes Darryl Martin
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 8: Fretted clavichords Peter Bavington
BCS AGM and recital, Keyboard Solos and Duets (Timothy Roberts and Carole Cerasi), London, 18 April 1998;
Clavichord Weekend at Bad Krozingen, 20–22 March 1998 Peter Bavington
A new re-issue of the clavichord recordings of Thurston Dart Francis Knights
Music review: Georg Benda, 17 Sonatas for Keyboard (ed. Christopher Hogwood) and 35 Sonatinas for Keyboard (ed. Timothy Roberts) Paul Simmonds
Some Recent Additions to the Archive Paul Simmonds

BCS Newsletter 12 (October 1998)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Reports: BCS Clavichord recital by Colin Tilney and Paul Simmonds, London, 18 July 1998 John Collins
BCS Clavichord Weekend, Edinburgh, 29–30 August 1998 Edward Kottick, Peter Grahame Woolf, Paul Simmonds
Demeanour at the Clavichord Steve Barrell
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 9: Winding hitch-pin loops Peter Bavington
Re: George Benda Peter Stephens
Wood carving of a clavichord Elizabeth Witts

BCS Newsletter 13 (February 1999)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
A Profile of the Modern Clavichord Edmund Handy
Reports: The BCS at the London Early Music Exhibition, 4–6 September 1998 Richard Ireland
BCS Meeting, ‘C. P. E. Bach, Haydn and the Clavichord’, London, 21 November 1998 Maria Boxall
BCS Visit to Edmund Handy's workshop, Bexley, 6 December 1998 Lynne Mirrey
Obituary: Haward Clarke Katharine May
Reviews: Bernard Brauchli, The Clavichord reviewed by Paul Simmonds
Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (transcribed and edited by Kenneth Gilbert) reviewed by Francis Knights

BCS Newsletter 14 (June 1999)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 10: Listing Peter Bavington
The BCS Education Initiative: ‘Playing the Clavichord’, John Cranmer, Northampton, 20 March 1999 Richard Ireland
BCS Recital by Gustav Leonhardt, Oxford, 25 April 1999 Katharine May
BCS Fourth AGM and recital by Terence Charlston, Blackheath, 22 May 1999 Paul Simmonds
Clavichords in Britain No. 7: The Franciolini at Snowshill Manor, Glos. Garry Broughton
‘Brynginge about a Monacorde’: The monacorde in England and Scotland 1407-1548 Maria Boxall
Amplifying Clavichords Edmund Handy
Jet Flight Good for Clavichordists? Akihiko Yamanobe

BCS Newsletter 15 (October 1999)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Galpin Society Conference, Edinburgh, 9–11 July 1999 Darryl Martin, Peter Bavington and Judith Wardman
BCS Clavichord Recital by Colin Tilney and Paul Simmonds, London, 17 July 1999 John Collins
‘A Good Summer for the Clavichord’ – Clavichord Events in London and South-East England reported by Judith Wardman:
   Lance Whitehead and Jenny Nex, ‘A Multifarious Approach to Clavichord Research’ at the Royal College of Music, London, 26 May 1999
  Clavichord Recital by Derek Adlam at Hatchlands Park, 9 June 1999
  ‘Keyboard Music of the Bach Family’, Trinity College of Music, 28 June 1999
  Clavichord Recital by Paul Simmonds for the SEHKS Conclave, Finchcocks, August 1999
  Clavichord Recital by Sally Fortino, Finchcocks, 25 September 1999
The J. C. G. Schiedmayer Clavichord (1796) in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Allan Winkler
Thomas Goff and his Clavichords: a brief introduction Judith Wardman
Reviews: C. W. Podbielski, Sonatas for Clavier Paul Simmonds
Richard Troeger’s CD of J. S. Bach Partitas Paul Simmonds
Letter [listing] Edmund Handy

BCS Newsletter 16 (February 2000)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Fourth International Clavichord Symposium, Magnano, September 1999 Darryl Martin
BCS Pedal Clavichord Recital by Paul Simmonds, London, 9 October 1999 Francis Knights
Memorial Concert for Haward Clarke, Hampstead, 10 October 1999 Judith Wardman
BCS study day ‘Thomas Goff and his Clavichords’, Cambridge, 27 November 1999 Peter Bavington
BCS Visit to Creekside Workshop, 4 December 1999 Maria Boxall
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 11: Tuning the four-foot strings (and a postscript on listing) Peter Bavington
Some Further Thoughts on Amplifying Clavichords David Law
Early Clavichords in England: more information from Michael Fleming Judith Wardman
Review: C. P. E. Bach sonatas and sonatinas: CDs by Miklós Spányi Paul Simmonds
Obituary: John Kay Paul Simmonds

BCS Newsletter 17 (June 2000)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
BCS Study morning at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, 25 February 2000 Lynne Mirrey
Fifth BCS AGM and Clavichord Recital by Steven Devine, Oxford, 30 April 2000 Paul Simmonds
‘The Clavichord among Pre-Classical Pianos’: conference at Vermillion, South Dakota, May 2000 Richard Troeger
George Bernard Shaw and the Clavichord: Part 1 John Weston
Clavichords in Britain No. 8: The anonymous triple-fretted clavichord at Fenton House, London Peter Bavington
Acquired for the Archive: a clavichord monograph from the 1960s Peter Bavington
Amplifying Clavichords for Recitals John Barnes (1998)
The Amplification and Recording of Clavichords: a symposium in Basel Michael Zapf
CD reviews: Marcia Hadjimarkos, Haydn; Arthur Schoonderwoerd, Eckard Peter Grahame Woolf

BCS Newsletter 18 (October 2000)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
BCS Clavichord Recital, Music from the time of Goethe, Sally Fortino, London, 20 May 2000 David Griffel
BCS Edinburgh Clavichord Weekend, August 2000 [presentation of The Hubert Clavichord Data Book by Koen Vermeij; for report of the event, see BCSN 19] Paul Simmonds
George Bernard Shaw and the Clavichord: Part 2 John Weston
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 12: An introduction to tangent voicing Peter Bavington
Early Reactions to Restored Clavichords John Barnes (1998)
Exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery, London: Gerrit Dou: Rembrandt's first pupil Lynne Mirrey
CD Review: Richard Troeger, J. S. Bach Toccatas Paul Simmonds

BCS Newsletter 19 (February 2001)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Third BCS Edinburgh Clavichord Weekend, 25–27 August 2000 Garry Broughton, Margaret Yelloly, David Griffel
BCS Clavichord Recital by Andreas Erismann, London, 14 October 2000 Paul Simmonds
Clavichord recital by Derek Adlam, Lewes, 6 January 2001 Kevin Allen, Garry Broughton
Fifteenth German Clavichord Society Weekend, Weimar, 24–26 November 2000 Michael Zapf
George Bernard Shaw and the Clavichord: Part 3 John Weston
Clavichord Key Geometry John Rawson
BCS Events Survey Results Edmund Handy
Seventeenth-century German Keyboard Music: Matching instruments to music Peter Bavington

BCS Newsletter 20 (June 2001)
Editorial Paul Simmonds
Seventeenth-Century German Keyboard Music: BCS Study Day, Cambridge, 10 March 2001 Albert Chatterley; Derek Adlam
Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance Part 13: More Thoughts on Temperament Setting Peter Bavington
Low B – and High e3? John Weston
Establishing a BCS Clavichord Database Mike Daniels
CD review: Nocturnal Sounds: Music for flute and clavichord played by Benedek Csalog and Miklós Spányi Paul Simmonds

BCS Newsletter 21 (October 2001)
Editorial Peter Bavington
Triple frets threatened John Weston
Clavichords in Britain No. 9: The 1894 Dolmetsch at the Royal College of Music Lance Whitehead
BCS AGM and recital by Derek Adlam, Leicester, 26 May 2001 Peter Bavington, Gerry Broughton
BCS Visit to the workshop of Karin Richter and Malcolm Rose, Lewes, 30 June 2001 Priscilla Naish
BCS Education Clavichord Day at Trinity College of Music, London, 3 July 2001 Lynne Mirrey
Some reflections on Magnano 2001 Peter Bavington
Obituary: Mark Stevenson Garry Broughton

BCS Newsletter 22 (February 2002)
Editorial Peter Bavington
Playing the Eighteenth-Century Clavichord, Part 1 Paul Simmonds
The Triple-fretted Clavichord: Reactions to John Weston and Maria Boxall Peter Bavington, Lynne Mirrey and Paula Woods
BCS Members’ and Friends’ Day, Ealing, 29 September 2001 John Shaw
Christopher Hogwood’s Clavichord Master-class, Royal Academy of Music, London, 23 October 2001 Byron Mahoney
London Early Music Exhibition, Royal College of Music, London 26–28 October 2001 Richard Ireland
BCS Clavichord Weekend, Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, 3–4 November 2001 Garry Broughton
Tage Alter Musik, Herne, 14–18 November 2001 Karin Richter
The Earliest Surviving Signed and Dated Unfretted Clavichord Lothar Bemmann
A Swedish Clavichord at Sotheby’s Christopher Nobbs
CD review: Derek Adlam, J. S. Bach Masterworks Paul Simmonds

BCS Newsletter 23 (June 2002)
Editorial Peter Bavington
Book Review: Annette Richards, The Free Fantasia and the Musical Picturesque reviewed by Garry Broughton
Harmony Spoilt Maria Boxall
The Historical Role of the Triple-fretted Clavichord Maria Boxall
BCS Educational Visit to University College School, led by Steven Devine, 23 January 2002 Judith Wardman
Seventh BCS AGM and recitals by Julian Perkins and John Cranmer, Ealing, 27 April 2002 Richard Ireland
CD reviews: Miklós Spányi, C. P. E. Bach Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 7 Paul Simmonds; Bradley Lehman (various) Garry Broughton

BCS Newsletter 24 (October 2002)
Clavichords in Britain No. 10: The 1751 Fritz at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London Edmund Handy
Playing the Eighteenth-Century Clavichord, Part 2: Posture and Demeanour Paul Simmonds
Thomas Goff Clavichord Number One Discovered Richard Ireland
The Fourth BCS Clavichord Weekend in Edinburgh, 23–25 August 2002 Maria Boxall, Margaret Yelloly and Paula Woods
Derek Adlam’s Clavichord Workshop at the Framlingham Festival, 31 August 2002 Judith Wardman
CD review: Ludger Singer, ‘Mediterra Nova’ and ‘Syntopia’ Paul Simmonds
Book review: David Rowland, Early Keyboard Instruments: a Practical Guide reviewed by Albert Chatterley
Music review: J. S. Bach, Two-Part Inventions and Four Duets, ed. Sandra Soderlund Francis Knights

BCS Newsletter 25 (February 2003)
Editorial Peter Bavington
The Early Clavichord in Scotland Lynne Mirrey
London Early Music Exhibition, Greenwich, 25–27 October 2002 Peter Bavington
Clavichord Study Day at the Bate Collection, Oxford, 9 November 2002 Garry Broughton
Clavichord Recital by Neil Coleman, St Margaret’s Lothbury, London, 30 November 2002 Garry Broughton
Clavichord Recital by Aapo Häkkinen, Lewes, 1 February 2003 Garry Broughton
Music review:
J. G. Goldberg, Polonaises John Collins
CD reviews:
Peter Ella, Sweelinck Derek Adlam
Marcia Hadjimarkos, C. P. E. Bach: ‘Portraits de Caractère’ Kenneth Mobbs
Nicole Hostettler and Pierre Goy, J. G. Müthel, Ariosi, Sonatas and Duetti Paul Simmonds
Miklós Spányi, C. P. E. Bach Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 8 Garry Broughton
Special Report: The Licensing Bill Peter Bavington
An Amateur’s Guide to Early Iberian Keyboard Music Judith Wardman

BCS Newsletter 26 (June 2003)
Clavichords in Cumbria (BCS Educational Days), 8–9 March 2003 Brenda Rack and Clare Mingins
A Golden Age: Iberian Instrumental Music before 1700: BCS Study Day, London Paul Simmonds, Brian Wishart
Clavichord recital by Menno van Delft, Edinburgh, 18 January 2003 Darryl Martin
Weekend Course at West Dean College (tutor, Paul Simmonds), 7–9 February 2003 Mike Daniels
Clavichord Recital by Sophie Yates, Bradford-on-Avon, 10 May 2003 Judith Wardman
Twentieth Clavichordtage of the German Clavichord Society, Pfullingen, Baden-Württemberg, 29 May–1 June 2003 Michael Zapf
‘The Soft and Sweet-toned Clavichord’ Mary Rowe
Book reviews:
David Ledbetter, Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier reviewed by Christopher Hogwood
De Clavicordio V: proceedings of the fifth Magnano Symposium, Part 1 of a two-part review by Maria Boxall
CD reviews:
Jaroslav Tuma, J. S. Bach, Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, Book 1 Paula Woods
Miklós Spányi, C. P. E. Bach Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 9 Derek Adlam
Obituary: Stephen P. Saunders Brenda Saunders

BCS Newsletter 27 (October 2003)
Playing the Eighteenth-Century Clavichord, Part 3: Touch Paul Simmonds
Clavichord recital by Timothy Roberts, Hatchlands, 18 June 2003 Garry Broughton
Eighth BCS AGM and Recital by Paul Simmonds, Oxford, 28 June 2003 Mary Wetherick
Book reviews: De Clavicordio V: proceedings of the fifth Magnano Symposium, Part 2 of a two-part review by Maria Boxall; Bruce Haynes, A History of Performing Pitch reviewed by Darryl Martin; Stuart Isacoff, Temperament reviewed by Peter Bavington
CD reviews: Siebe Henstra, ‘Clavicorde lié’ ; Bernard Brauchli, Mozart, Nannerl’s Notebook Paula Woods
Robert Browning and Galuppi’s Clavichord Peter Bavington
The BCS Awards for Clavichord Composition
News items include: a new clavichord for Tudeley; two unusual old clavichords [Paris, E.1608; Stary Sacz]; Magnano Symposium 2003

BCS Newsletter 28 (February 2004)
Report: Recital by Sturm und Drang, Hammersmith, 27 September 2003 Garry Broughton
Book review: Christopher Hogwood (ed.) The Keyboard in Baroque Europe (a collection of articles celebrating the 75th birthday of Gustav Leonhardt) David Ledbetter
CD reviews:
Derek Adlam, ‘Haydn: Acht Sauschneider müssen sein’, Garry Broughton
Miklós Spányi, C. P. E. Bach, The Solo Keyboard Music, vol. 10 Paula Woods
Music review: ‘fitt for the Manicorde’: A seventeenth-century English collection of keyboard music, ed. Christopher Hogwood, reviewed by Maria Boxall
Letter: Robert Browning and Galuppi’s Clavichord: some further information Garry Broughton
News items include ‘Twenty Early Keyboards’ [announcement of recording of instruments in the Mobbs Keyboard Collection]

BCS Newsletter 29 (June 2004)
Editorial Peter Bavington
Trusting the Horse’s Mouth Gregory Crowell
Playing the Eighteenth-Century Clavichord, Part 4: Fingering (1) Paul Simmonds
Paul Simmonds‘ course at West Dean College, 6–8 February 2004 Margaret Yelloly
Clavichord recital by Gustav Leonhardt, Dulwich, 22 April 20904 Micaela Schmitz
Book review: Richard Troeger, Playing Bach on the Keyboard reviewed by Terence Charlston
CD reviews: Christopher Hogwood, ‘The Secret Bach’, Garry Broughton; Tom Beghin, C. P. E. Bach, Pièces de Caractère, Paul Simmonds; René Clemencic, ‘Late Gothic and Renaissance Masterworks Vol. 2’, Andrew Benson-Wilson
Music review: J. L. Krebs, Suites and Sonatinas, Katharine May

BCS Newsletter 30 (October 2004)
Living with an Arnault Clavichord, Part 1 John Weston
Clavichord Music before 1700: Some suggestions for reading and repertoire Derek Adlam
A Clavichord by Georg Nicolaus Deckert George Veness
Recital by Paul Simmonds, Hatchlands, 16 June 2004 Garry Broughton
Ninth BCS AGM, anniversary celebrations, presentation of BCS Awards, and recitals, Lewes, 26 June 2004 Judith Wardman and David Griffel
The British Clavichord Society Awards for Clavichord Composition Peter Bavington
Book review: Joel Speerstra, Bach and the Pedal Clavichord, reviewed by Andrew Benson-Wilson
CD reviews:
Adrian Butterfield (violin) and Laurence Cummings (clavichord/harpsichord), C. P. E. Bach Sonatas, reviewed by Paula Woods
Paul Simmonds, ‘Pour ung Plaisir: Renaissance Music for Clavichord’, Maria Boxall

BCS Newsletter 31 (February 2005)
Living with an Arnault Clavichord, Part 2 John Weston
Fuga a 40 - A piece for ten clavichords Garry Broughton
Book review: Brauchli, Galazzo and Moody (eds), De Clavicordio VI: Proceedings of the VI International Clavichord Symposium, Magnano, 2003, reviewed by Darryl Martin
CD reviews: Siegbert Rampe, Froberger, reviewed by Paul Simmonds; Miklós Spányi, C. P. E. Bach, The Solo Keyboard Music, vol. 12, reviewed by Julian Perkins; Erik van Bruggen, Pedal Clavichords, reviewed by Francis Knights; Menno van Delft, Müthel, reviewed by Derek Adlam; Ilton Wjuniski, Bach French Suites, reviewed by Anthony Noble
Discovery of a Signed Tannenberg Clavichord Peter Bavington
Restoration of a Transylvanian Clavichord Jessica Douglas-Home
Rex Muffett: Teaching the Clavichord Ian Mortimer

BCS Newsletter 32 (June 2005)
Fifty Years of Clavichord Making: Robert Morley and Co. John Morley
Building a Clavichord from the Paris Workshop Kit David Hitchin
The Clavichord in Baku John Haines
CD review: Telemann Duos (played by Ensemble Caprice); Fantasies by Matthias Maute, played by Alexander Weimann, clavichord Paula Woods
Music review: Johann and Johann Philipp Krieger: Complete keyboard works, edited by Siegbert Rampe and Helene Lerch John Collins
Obituary: Roger Lee: Northern Master-craftsman David Bolton

BCS Newsletter 33 (October 2005)
In Search of Sir Thomas More’s Clavichord: Part 1 Garry Broughton
The Missing Benton Fletcher Clavichord Peter Bavington
Struggling with Stein: Notes from an Amateur Clavichord Maker Mike Daniels
Impressions of Magnano 2005: The 7th International Clavichord Symposium Peter Bavington
CD reviews: Miklós Spányi, J. G. Eckard Keyboard Works, reviewed by Derek Adlam;
Richard Troeger, J. S. Bach, Art of Fugue, reviewed by Anthony Noble
Book review: Judy Tarling, The Weapons of Rhetoric, reviewed by Terence Charlston
The Visit Mary Rowe

BCS Newsletter 34 (February 2006)
CD reviews: Miklós Spányi and Benedek Csalog, J. S. Bach ‘A Flauto Traverso’, reviewed by Garry Broughton
Jocelyne Cuiller, O süßer Clavichord! (music by J. S. and C. P. E. Bach), reviewed by Neil Coleman
Bernard Brauchli, Portuguese Keyboard Music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, reviewed by Julian Perkins
Jaroslav Tuma, J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations, reviewed by Paul Simmonds
Colin Tilney, C. P. E. Bach: Six Sonatas ‘for connoisseurs and amateurs’, Book 1, reviewed by Julian Perkins.
Book reviews: Julian Johnson, Who Needs Classical Music?, reviewed by Huw Saunders
Thomas Donahue, A Guide to Musical Temperament, reviewed by David Hitchin
Music reviews: John Dowland, Keyboard Music edited by Christopher Hogwood, reviewed by Derek Adlam
Heinrich Scheidemann, Complete Works for Clavier, reviewed by John Collins
Johann Bernhard Bach, Two Chaconnes, reviewed by John Collins
Emergency Continuo with a Clavichord Alec Massa and George DeBono
Some Other 2006 Anniversaries John Collins
Obituary: Dr Randolph R. (Bunt) White Paula Woods
The Rodger Mirrey Collection goes to Edinburgh

BCS Newsletter 35 (June 2006)
Clavichords in Britain No. 11: The Anonymous Triple-fretted Clavichord in the Rodger Mirrey Collection Darryl Martin
CD reviews: Christopher Hogwood, G. F. Handel, J.-Ph. Krieger, F. W. Zachow: ‘The Secret Handel: works for clavichord’, reviewed by Anthony Noble
Miklós Spányi, C. P. E. Bach, The Solo Keyboard Music, volume 14, reviewed by Paul Simmonds
Music review: Christian Flor, Dreizehn & Ein Choral für Clavier; Autori diversi, Labyrinthe – drei Werke für Clavier, both ed. Jörg Jacobi, reviewed by John Collins
The Clavichord and Affairs of State (and Jazz) Garry Broughton

BCS Newsletter 36 (October 2006)
Pioneers of the English Clavichord-playing Revival: 1. Dorothy Swainson Lynne Mirrey
Two Historic References to the Clavichord in Durham Francis Knights
Reports: Handel’s Keyboard Music: BCS event at St Lawrence Whitchurch, Little Stanmore Andrew Benson-Wilson
A Visit to the GOArt Project, Göteborg Terence Charlston
Music reviews: C. P. E. Bach Complete Works, Vol. 1/3, reviewed by Anthony Noble
G. C. Wagenseil, Tre Divertimenti, reviewed by Maria Boxall
The Music Lesson, Mary Rowe

BCS Newsletter 37 (February 2007)
Buxtehude for Clavichordists John Collins
CD review: Christopher Hogwood (with Derek Adlam), The Secret Mozart, reviewed by Garry Broughton
Book review: Annette Richards (ed.), C. P. E. Bach Studies, reviewed by David Ledbetter

BCS Newsletter 38 (June 2007)
Twentieth- and 21st-century music for the clavichord Peter Bavington
CD reviews: Miklós Spányi, C. P. E. Bach, Concertos and Solo Keyboard Music, volume 15, reviewed by Anthony Noble
Peter Waldner, Mozart, Sonaten und Variationen, reviewed by Garry Broughton
Book review: B. Brauchli, A. Galazzo and J. Wardman (eds.), De Clavicordio VII, reviewed by Derek Adlam
Music reviews: C. P. E. Bach Complete Works, series I volumes 8.1 and 8.2, reviewed by Neil Coleman
D. G. Türk, 120 Easy and Pleasant Pieces for Beginners in Clavichord Playing (Fuzeau Facsimile), reviewed by Paul Simmonds
G. A. Paganelli, Amusement for the Fair Sex, reviewed by John Collins
Obituary: Dr Rodger Mirrey

BCS Newsletter 39 (October 2007)
Clavichords in Britain No. 12: An unsigned instrument in the Bate Collection, Oxford Peter Bavington
Book review: Peter Bavington, Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance, reviewed by David Hitchin
CD reviews: Paul Simmonds, W. F. Bach, Polonaises and Fugues, reviewed by Derek Adlam
Maria Erdman, The Stary Sacz Manuscript, reviewed by Paula Woods
Miklós Spányi, C. P. E. Bach, Württemberg Sonatas I, reviewed by Neil Coleman
Music reviews: E. W. Wolf, edited by Paul Simmonds and Mike Daniels, Fortsetzung sechs leichter Klaviersonaten, reviewed by Owen Daly
Ignaz Pleyel, Sonatas and Rondos, reviewed by John Collins
The Witzendorf Tablature (1655), reviewed by John Collins
Tom Goff by Himself Peter Bavington
BCS Membership Survey 2007: Results David Hitchin  

BCS Newsletter 40 (February 2008)
A Russian Clavichord Maker David Bolton
Book review: Bruce Haynes, The End of Early Music, reviewed by David Ledbetter
CD reviews: Martin Farrar, J. S. Bach, The Art of Fugue, etc., reviewed by Garry Broughton
Miklós Spányi, C. P. E. Bach, Württemberg Sonatas II, reviewed by David Griffel
Music reviews: C. P. E. Bach, Miscellaneous Sonatas from Prints, reviewed by Katharine May
Georg Sorge, Partitas, reviewed by John Collins
H. N. Gerber, Twelve Inventions, reviewed by John Erskine
Thomas Goff: some memories John Rawson
Composer Anniversaries in 2008 John Collins
Obituary: Valda Aveling Stephen Dodgson

BCS Newsletter 41 (June 2008)
The Clavichord in Tudor Cambridge Francis Knights
Pioneers of the English Clavichord Revival: 2. Herbert Lambert Lynne Mirrey
Book review: Ross W. Duffin, How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and Why You Should Care), and A. C. N. Mackenzie of Ord, The Temperament of Keyboard Music: Its Character; its Musicality; and its History, reviewed by Peter Bavington
CD review: Gary Carpenter, Die Flimmerkiste (including Van Assendelft’s Vermeer, played by Pamela Nash, (clavichord), reviewed by Garry Broughton
Music review: Johann Christoph Kellner, Six Fugues, reviewed by John Collins
Obituary: David Bolton Christopher Stembridge

BCS Newsletter 42 (October 2008)
Clavichords in Britain No. 13: The Arnold Dolmetsch clavichord in St Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburgh Peter Bavington
Music reviews: Albertus Bryne interactive edition, edited by Terence Charlston, reviewed by John Erskine
Stephen Dodgson, Clavichord Suites, reviewed by Terence Charlston
Ernst Wilhelm Wolf, Sechs leichte Clavier-Sonaten: Six Simple Sonatas (Weimar, 1786), edited by Paul Simmonds and Mike Daniels, reviewed by Penelope Cave
Christoph Graupner, Monatliche Clavirfrüchte (1722), edited by Jörg Jacobi, reviewed by John Collins

BCS Newsletter 43 (February 2009)
Composer Anniversaries in 2009 John Collins
More about clavichords in England and Ireland Judith Wardman
Book review: De Clavicordio VIII, reviewed by David Griffel
CD review: Jaroslav , J. S. Bach, Das Wohltemperierte Klavier (complete), reviewed by Malcolm Russell
Music reviews:
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, 8 Fugues, edited by Paul Simmonds and Mike Daniels, reviewed by Anthony Noble
Albrechtsberger, 6 Fugues, edited by Greg Lewin, and 12 Fugues [etc.] (facsimile), reviewed by John Collins
The Wrong Way to Do It John Lester

BCS Newsletter 44 (June 2009)
E-book review: Baroque Keyboard Fingering by Claudio Di Veroli, reviewed by Menno van Delft
CD reviews: Aapo Häkkinen, Haydn, Seven Last Words, reviewed by Anthony Noble
Jocelyne Cuiller, C. P. E. Bach, Rêveries pour Connaisseurs et Amateurs, reviewed by Garry Broughton
Cristiano Holtz, J. S. Bach, Inventions et Sinfonies, reviewed by John Erskine
Music reviews: Telemann and Fasch, Fuzeau facsimile editions reviewed by Paul Simmonds
J. C. Kittel, Six Sonatas and a Fantasie , reviewed by John Collins
House Music Paula Woods
Clavichords on YouTube David Griffel

BCS Newsletter 45 (October 2009)
Clavichords in Britain No. 14: Haydn's Clavichord: Unfretted clavichord by Johann Bohak in the Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments Peter Bavington
Menno van Delft at the Royal Academy of Music, London, 26 June 2009 Julian Perkins
Fourteenth BCS AGM and Recital, London, 11 July 2009 Paula Woods
Bach by Candlelight recitals by Julain Perkins, St Albans, 13, 14 & 15 July 2009 Adrian Lenthall
Carole Cerasi at Hatchlands, 15 July 2009 Peter Collett
Early Keyboards in Worcester, recital etc. by Micaela Schmitz, 21 August 2009 Frank Field
E-book review: Unequal Temperament by Claudio Di Veroli, reviewed by David Hitchin
CD reviews: Dialogues: Works by Stephen Dodgson (including Julian Perkins's recording of the two Clavichord Suites), reviewed by Katharine May
W. F. Bach: Two Recordings Compared (Maude Gratton, Fantasies etc.; Paul Simmonds, Polonaises and Fugues), reviewed by Penelope Cave
Music review: The Selosse Manuscript, reviewed by John Collins
Letter to the Editor [reply to reviewer’s comments] Claudio Di Veroli

BCS Newsletter 46 (February 2010)
Editorial Peter Bavington
The Crathes Monicordis Garry Broughton
Composer Anniversaries in 2010 John Collins
Ninth International Clavichord Symposium, Magnano, Italy, 16–19 September 2009 David Griffel, Peter Bavington and Paul Simmonds
Clavichord recital by Julian Perkins, Cambridge, 17 October 2009 Peter Bavington
Visit to Christopher Hogwood’s Keyboard Collection, Cambridge, 31 October 2009 Mike Daniels
John Henry’s Harpsichord and Clavichord Masterclass, Greenwich, 13 November 2009 Judith Wardman and Peter Bavington
Winter Clavichord Events in January and February 2010 Judith Wardman
CD review: Carole Cerasi, Haydn and the Art of Variation, reviewed by David Griffel
Music review: Schaffrath Sonatas, reviewed by John Collins
Letter to the Editor [ornaments in the Selosse MS] Terence Charlston
News items include: C@BEZÓN Collection; Final opening of V&A Musical Instrument Gallery

BCS Newsletter 47 (June 2010)
Clavichords in Britain No. 15: Unfretted clavichord in the Mirrey collection, Edinburgh Darryl Martin
Ornaments and Rhythm in the Performance of 16th-century Spanish Keyboard Music (part 1) John Collins
Reports: Clavichord recital by Linda Nicholson, London, 20 March 2010 Christopher Gold
A Visit to the Hague, 15 April 2010 Peter Bavington
Book review: The Keyboard Stringing Guide by Jean Louchet, reviewed by David Hitchin
CD reviews: Mathieu Dupouy, Pensées Nocturnes (C. P. E. Bach), reviewed by Anthony Noble
Michael Tsalka, 201 Years of Grace (Türk etc.), reviewed by Paula Woods
A Virtual Clavichord Peter Mole
Letter to the Editor [access to instruments in museums] Peter Mole
News items include: death of Nelly van Ree Bernard; Dolmetsch clavichord at Standen; future of Victoria and Albert Museum instruments

BCS Newsletter 48 (October 2010)
Ornaments and Rhythm in the Performance of 16th-century Spanish Keyboard Music (part 2) John Collins
Reports: A Season of Clavichord Events, May–August 2010
The 15th BCS Annual General Meeting and Recital by Susan Alexander-Max, Oxford, 5 June 2010 David Millard and Garry Broughton
Marcia Hadjimarkos at Finchcocks, 27 June 2010 Martha Leigh
Purcell Day at Little Benslow Hills, 25 July 2010 Richard Ireland
Wim Winters plays Bach and Beethoven, Bruges, 7 August 2010 Peter Thresh
CD reviews: Miklós Spányi: C. P. E. Bach Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 20, reviewed by John Irving
Nicole Hostettler: J. S. Bach, Die Kunst der Fuge, reviewed by John Erskine
Tomoko Akatsu Miyamoto: The World of the Clavichord: Discovering a ‘Concealed’ Realm, reviewed by Adrian Lenthall
Music reviews: W. F. Bach: Collected Works, Vol. 1, ed. Peter Wollny, reviewed by Paul Simmonds
Peter Nickol: Ten Miniature Pieces for Clavichord or Piano, reviewed by Julian Perkins
Some Further Glimpses into the Life of Tom Goff, Richard Ireland
News items include: restoration of Arnold Dolmetsch clavichord No. 2 (RCM); transfer of items from the Victoria and Albert Museum to the Horniman Museum

BCS Newsletter 49 (February 2011)
Composer Anniversaries in 2011 John Collins
Reports: Clavichord Master-Class with Terence Charlston, London, 25 October 2010 Kevin Richardson
Greenwich Early Music Festival and Exhibition, 12–14 November 2010 Judith Wardman
BCS Clavichord Afternoon at the Grosvenor Chapel, London, 20 November 2010 Paula Woods
BCS Education Afternoon in Abingdon, 3 December 2010 Andrew Lamb and Peter Bavington
Book and E-book reviews: De Clavicordio IX, reviewed by Garry Broughton
Playing the Baroque Harpsichord (Claudio Di Veroli), reviewed by Penelope Cave
CD reviews: Pachelbel, Keyboard Works (Andrus Madsen), reviewed by Mads Damlund
J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations (Benjamin-Joseph Steens), reviewed by Anthony Noble
Music reviews: C. P. E. Bach, volumes from the Complete Works (Packard Humanities Institute), reviewed by David Ledbetter
F. T. Richter, Keyboard Works, reviewed by John Collins
E. W. Wolf, Six Sonatas (1775), reviewed by Katharine May
H. O. Zinck, Keyboard Works, and J. Haydn, Differentes Petites Pièces, reviewed by David Griffel
More Evidence of Clavichords in England, Derek Adlam
News items include: BCS honorary life membership for Sheila Barnes; Virginia Pleasants at 100

BCS Newsletter 50 (June 2011)
Clavichords in Britain No. 16: The 1807 Georg Schmahl clavichord at Finchcocks Peter Bavington
Composer Anniversaries in 2011 John Collins
Reports: ‘Handel’s Attic’: recital by Julian Perkins at the Handel House Museum, 8 February 2011 Richard Ireland
A Clavichord in the Purcell Room: OAE study day with Steven Devine, 5 March 2011 Judith Wardman
Clavichord Recital by Miklós Spányi, Lewes, 12 March 2011 David Griffel
A Masterclass in Musicianship: Miklós Spányi at the RCM, London, 14 March 2011 David Millard
Sixteenth BCS AGM and Recital by Peter Sykes, London, 21 May 2011 Judith Wardman & Jillian Mitchell
Peter Sykes’s other UK Concerts, May 2011 Judith Wardman
Book Review: Did Bach Really Mean That? (Colin Booth), reviewed by Peter Mole
CD reviews: J. C. Bach, Keyboard Sonatas Op. 5 (Susan Alexander-Max), reviewed by John Irving
C. P. E. Bach, Solo Keyboard Music, Vols. 21 and 22 (Miklós Spányi), reviewed by Adrian Lenthall
Antonio de Cabezón and his contemporaries (Bernard Brauchli), reviewed by John Collins
Music reviews: Johann Jacob Froberger: New edition of the complete keyboard works, Vol. VI, edited by Siegbert Rampe (Bärenreiter), reviewed by John Collins
Leopold Koželuch, Complete Sonatas for Keyboard, ed. Christopher Hogwood (Bärenreiter), reviewed by John Irving
Letter to the Editor Claudio di Veroli

BCS Newsletter 51 (October 2011)
Technical Matters 1: Overwound Strings Peter Bavington
Letter from Switzerland: the Magdenau Clavichord Paul Simmonds
Reports: First International Conference on Historical Keyboard Music, Edinburgh, 1–3 July 2011 Paula Woods
Clavichord Recital by Makiko Nishikaze, London, 1 July 2011 Judith Wardman
BCS Visit to Linda Nicholson, London, 7 July 2011 Garry Broughton
Tenth International Clavichord Symposium, Magnano, Italy, 6–10 September Peter Bavington
Lieder with Clavichord at the RCM Museum, London, 29 September 2011 Judith Wardman
Book Review: Early Music: A Very Short Introduction (Thomas Forrest Kelly), reviewed by David Millard
Music review: Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach: Six Keyboard Sonatas and Three Keyboard Sonatas, edited by Ulrich Leisinger (Carus), reviewed by John Collins
News items include: new publication by the Friends of St. Cecilia’s Hall; Victoria and Albert Museum drawings; musical instrument museums on-line (MIMO)

BCS Newsletter 52 (February 2012)
The Clavichord Revival: a progress report Paul Simmonds
Composer Anniversaries in 2012 John Collins
Reports: The Well-Tempered Clavichord, book 1: Robert Woolley at Oxford, 29 October 2011 David Griffel
Louis Couperin on the Clavichord, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 5 November 2011 Garry Broughton
CD review: C. P. E. Bach, Sonatas and Clavierstücke (Linda Nicholson), reviewed by Anthony Noble
Music reviews: Samuel Scheidt, Keyboard Music transmitted in Manuscript form, edited by Pieter Dirksen (Breitkopf & Härtel), reviewed by John Erskine
Johann Mattheson, Pieces de Clavecin, edited by Jolanda Scarpa (Edition Walhall), reviewed by John Collins
Carl Christian Friedrich Fasch, Six Sonatas, edited by Christopher Hogwood (Edition HH), reviewed by Julian Perkins
Obituaries: Virginia Pleasants (1911–2011) Claire Hammett; Richard Ireland
Gustav Leonhardt (1928–2012) Paul Simmonds
A Lady at the Clavichord? (a picture by Gerrit Dou sold at Christie’s, New York) Peter Bavington

BCS Newsletter 53 (June 2012)
Technical Matters 2: Why do soundboards split? Peter Bavington
Seaford U3A Music Appreciation Group, 23 February 2012 David Hitchin
Clavichord Music with Extended Tonality: a report from Switzerland Sally Fortino
Susan Alexander-Max at the Banqueting House, 5 March 2012 David Millard
Terence Charlston at the Handel House, 13 March 2012 Jillian Mitchell
Linda Nicholson at the Art Workers Guild, 28 April 2012 Malcolm Russell
Menno van Delft in England:
   Hatchlands, 1 May 2012 Peter Bavington
   Royal College of Music, London, 4 May 2012 David Griffel and Peter Bavington
CD reviews:
C. P. E. Bach, Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 23 (Miklós Spányi), reviewed by Paula Woods
J. C. F. Fischer, Musikalischer Parnassus (Wolfgang Schröder), reviewed by Garry Broughton
J. J. Froberger, ‘Clavichord Fantasies’ (Jaroslav Tůma), reviewed by Paul Simmonds
J. S. Bach, Die Kunst der Fuge (Johann Sonnleitner and Stefan Müller), reviewed by Adrian Lenthall
Music review: Giovanni Fasolo, Annuale 1645, Vols. 4 and 5, edited by Jörg Jacobi (Edition Baroque), reviewed by John Collins

BCS Newsletter 54 (October 2012)
C. P. E. Bach Songs with Clavichord: a conversation Norbert Meyn, Terence Charlston and Peter Bavington
Another U3A Occasion, Walsall, 15 May 2012 John Lester
Paul Simmonds at the Workshop, Lewes, 31 May 2012 Garry Broughton
BCS Seventeenth AGM and Recital by Marcia Hadjimarkos, Oxford, 23 June 2012 Christopher Gold
Clavichord Recital by Richard Smith, Wokingham, 27 June 2012 Judith Wardman
Book reviews:
David Schulenberg, The Music of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, reviewed by Christopher Hogwood
Thomas Donahue (ed.), Essays in Honor of Christopher Hogwood: the Maestro’s Direction, reviewed by Peter Bavington
CD reviews:
Bach and Sons (Benjamin-Joseph Steens, clavichord, and Jacques-Antoine Bresch, flute), reviewed by David Griffel
J. S. Bach: Keyboard Works (Jovanka Marville), reviewed by John Henry
C. P. E. Bach, Solo Keyboard Music, Vols. 24 and 25 (Miklós Spányi), reviewed by Paul Simmonds
Georg Anton Benda, Six Sonatas für das Clavier (1757) (Bernhard Klapprott), reviewed by Anthony Noble
News items include: 25th anniversary of the Dutch Clavichord Society; a clavichord at Tate Britain; clavichords at Bruges 2012

BCS Newsletter 55 (February 2013)
Composer Anniversaries in 2013 John Collins
Technical Matters 3: What is this Thing called Scaling? Peter Bavington
Clavichord recital by Derek Adlam, Finchcocks, 30 September 2012 Martha Leigh
Clavichord recitals by Julian Perkins at Cambridge, 30 September 2012 Terence Charlston
… and at Lewes, 14 October 2012 Garry Broughton
CD reviews:
D. G. Türk Sonatas (Michael Tsalka, clavichord, spinet, harpsichord, fortepiano and tangent piano),
reviewed by John Irving
Cristofori’s Clavichord (Johannes Maria Bogner), reviewed by John Henry
Music reviews:
Georg Sorge, 24 Piccoli Preludi, reviewed by John Collins
Leopold Koželuch, Sonatas, Vol. III, reviewed by Katharine May
Letter to the Editor: The Music of W. F. Bach Paul Simmonds
News items include: keyboard instruments at the Horniman Museum; the Swiss instrument maker Rudolf Käppeli

BCS Newsletter 56 (June 2013)
A Visit to Bologna: The Tagliavini Collection Paul Simmonds
Clavichords in Britain 17: The Arnold Dolmetsch Clavichord at Fenton House, London Peter Bavington
Clavichord recital by Laurence Cummings, Handel House Museum, 12 February 2013 Garry Broughton
Clavichord recital by Marcia Hadjimarkos, Wolverton Manor (Isle of Wight), 2 March 2013 Martha Leigh
Clavichord recitals by Federico Truffi, Courtauld Gallery, London, various dates in April, May and June 2013 Peter Bavington
Book review: De Clavicordio X, reviewed by Darryl Martin
CD reviews:
J. S. Bach, French Suites (Colin Tilney, clavichord), reviewed by Derek Adlam
Haydn Sonatas (Ulrika Davidsson, clavichord and fortepiano), reviewed by David Griffel
Music reviews:
Workbook for the Eighteenth-Century Clavichord (Paul Simmonds), reviewed by David Griffel
Johann Ludwig Krebs, sonatas and fugues, reviewed by John Collins
On-line Resources for the Keyboard Player Francis Knights
Obituary: Stephen Dodgson Julian Perkins
News items include: deaths of John Lake and Hubert Henkel; the Live Music Act 2012

BCS Newsletter 57 (October 2013)
Clavichords in Britain 18: The Traeri Clavichord in Maidstone Museum Peter Bavington
Another Clavichord in Britain? The Gerald Coke Collection’s ‘Girl at a clavichord’ Judith Wardman
Eighteenth BCS AGM and clavichord recital by Steven Devine, Napier Hall, London, 22 June 2013 Adrian Lenthall
Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival, Kuopio, Finland, 14–23 August 2013 Joyce Lindorff
Eleventh International Clavichord Symposium, Magnano, Italy, 3–7 September 2013 Peter Bavington
Clavichord Celebration at Fenton House: the restored 1925 Dolmetsch clavichord, 13 September 2013 Judith Wardman
CD review:
John Irving plays Mozart on the Hass Clavichord, reviewed by Derek Adlam
Music reviews:
An das Clavier: a collection of songs with lyrics and/or music written by women, ed. Sally Fortino, reviewed by Terence Charlston
Christian Friedrich Schale, Brevi Sonate, reviewed by John Collins
Johann Ludwig Krebs, partitas in A minor, B flat and E flat, reviewed by John Collins
News items include: formation of the Japanese Clavier Society; the state of clavichord tuition; Dorothy Swainson’s autobiography; inundation at the Bate Collection

BCS Newsletter 58 (February 2014)
A Clavichord by Herbert Lambert Peter Bavington
Composer Anniversaries in 2014 John Collins
German Clavichord Society Twentieth Anniversary Celebrations, Leipzig, 3–6 October 2013 Mike Daniels
Joint Meeting of the European Piano Teachers’ Association and the Swiss Clavichord Society, Zofingen, 9–10 November 2013 Paul Simmonds
Clavichord and Harpsichord Recital by Aapo Häkkinen, Lewes, 1 February 2014 Peter Bavington
Book review:
A Short History of the Clavichord (Koen Vermeij) Garry Broughton
CD review:
J. S. Bach, Goldberg Variations, Michael Tsalka (clavichord) Paula Woods
Music reviews:
Extraordinary Clavichord Sounds: an anthology celebrating 25 years of the Nederlands Clavichord Genootschap Paul Simmonds
José Teixidor y Barceló, Sonatas; Félix Máximo López and Charles-François Dumonchau, Variaciones al Minuet Afandangado, reviewed by John Collins
Leonhard Frischmuth, Tre sonate per il cembalo, reviewed by John Collins
Clavichord Teaching Survey Peter Bavington
News items include: closure and restoration of St Cecilia’s Hall; anniversary of Christian Gottlob Hubert; At Home with Music display at Horniman Museum
Letter to the Editor (high-pitch instruments) Derek Adlam

BCS Newsletter 59 (June 2014): Anniversary Edition
Looking Forward, Looking Back … Derek Adlam, BCS President
Clavichords in Britain 19: The 1796 Rackwitz Clavichord in Edinburgh Peter Bavington
C. P. E. Bach: The Year So Far (Handel House Museum, London, 11 February 2014, recital by Carole Cerasi; Holywell Music Room, Oxford, 12 February 2014, recital by David Gerrard and Fatima Lahham; Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London, 29 April 2014, C. P. E. Bach Focus, led by Steven Devine and John Henry) Judith Wardman
A Musical Celebration in Memory of Stephen Dodgson: recital by Julian Perkins, Art Workers Guild, London, 29 March 2014 Christopher Gold
Clavichord recital by Peter Sykes, Hatchlands Park, 21 May 2014 Richard Ireland
Book review:
Interpreting Historical Keyboard Music (ed. Andrew Woolley & John Kitchen) David Ledbetter
CD reviews:
C. P. E. Bach, The Solo Keyboard Music, Vols. 26 and 27, Miklós Spányi (clavichord) Albert Chatterley
Blue Clavichord: Twentieth-century Music for Clavichord, Harpsichord and Recorder, Peter Dickinson with the Verdehr Trio Katharine May
Music review:
Girolamo Frescobaldi: Organ and Keyboard Works Vols. I.1 and I.2, ed. Christopher Stembridge and Kenneth Gilbert (Bärenreiter) Adrian Lenthall
Obituary: Martin Skowroneck (1926–2014) Peter Bavington

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