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A Short History of the Clavichord by Koen Vermeij

Workbook for the Eighteenth-Century Clavichord by Paul Simmonds


1. Earlier repertoire

Workbook for the Eighteenth-Century Clavichord by Paul Simmonds. A collection of clavichord pieces by eighteenth-century German composers, each provided with a detailed introduction on style and interpretation. £12.00

Movements from Haydn’s Oxford Symphony transcribed for keyboard duet (4 hands, one keyboard) by Garry Broughton: Adagio and Minuet, available separately, each: £2.50

Ernst Wilhelm Wolf, Sechs leichter Claviersonaten (Six Simple Sonatas, Weimar, 1786), and Fortsetzung sechs leichter Klaviersonaten (Six further Simple Keyboard Sonatas, Weimar, 1787), both edited by Paul Simmonds and Mike Daniels: no longer stocked by the BCS; available from

Music for Early Clavichord, edited by John Weston  £6.00

2. Twentieth- and twenty-first-century clavichord repertoire (ordered alphabetically by composer’s surname)

Van Assendelft’s Vermeer for clavichord, by Gary Carpenter, winner of first prize in the British Clavichord Society Awards for Clavichord Composition 2004, and shortlisted for a 2005 British Composer Award. Signed by the composer£10.00

Night Thoughts for clavichord, by Peter Nickol, 2004. Signed by the composer  £5.00

Pages from Homer for clavichord, by Geoffrey Allan Taylor, winner of fifth prize in the British Clavichord Society Awards for Clavichord Composition, 2004 £10.00

(all played on the clavichord unless otherwise stated; ordered alphabetically by performer’s surname)

Derek Adlam, J. S. Bach, Masterworks for Clavichord £12.00
Contents: Toccata in G major (BWV 916); Capriccio sopra la lontananza de il fratro dilettissimo (BWV 992); Prelude, Fugue & Allegro in E flat major for Lautenwerk (BWV 998); Suite in E minor for Lautenwerk (BWV 996); Fantasia & Fugue in A minor (BWV 904); Prelude & Fughetta in E minor (BWV 900); Prelude & Fugue in B minor on a theme by Albinoni (BWV 923 and 951); Prelude & Fughetta in G major (BWV 902)

Carole Cerasi, Haydn and the art of variation. Metronome MET CD 1085, sponsored by the British Clavichord Society £12.00
Contents: Sonata in D major, Hob. XVI/19, played on the clavichord; Sonatas Hob. XVI/40, 42, 48, and the Andante and Variations in F minor, Hob. XVII/6, played on the Bath Schantz fortepiano (c. 1795)

Thurston Dart, The Clavichord Collection vol. 1 (1958/1961; reissued 1998). J. S. Bach French Suites and pieces by Purcell £10.00

Thurston Dart, The Clavichord Collection vol. 2 (1954/1961; reissued 1998). Froberger; early English pieces £10.00

A clavichord DVD: Touching the wall, a synchronized sequence of images and sounds based on Julia Usher’s Clavicle, performed by Andrea Gregori £13.00
Clavicle, A Touch Piece for Clavichord by Julia Usher won a British Clavichord Society Composition Award in 2004 and was premiered by Micaela Schmitz. This DVD version has been created and realized by Andrea Gregori, who has synchronized his performance of the music with graphic images based on photographs from the walls of Berlin.

Julian Perkins playing Stephen Dodgson’s Clavichord Suites, with other Dodgson chamber works. Campion Cameo 2088, Music of Stephen Dodgson vol. 2, sponsored by the British Clavichord Society £10.00

Paul Simmonds, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, 12 Polonaises and 8 Fugues (Falck 12 and Falck 31), played on an unfretted clavichord by Pehr Lindholm, 1780: no longer stocked by the BCS; available from

Paul Simmonds, Pour ung Plaisir: Renaissance keyboard music on the clavichord £10.00
Contents: Works by Binchois, Buchner, Brumel, Hofhaimer, Sweelinck (the Fantasia chromatica), Crecquillon/Gabrieli, Merulo, Philip ap Rhys, John Redford, Peter Philips and anon.

Paul Simmonds, German Music for Clavichord£10.00
Contents: Works by Kuhnau, Müthel, W. F. Bach, Türk etc.

Paul Simmonds, Ernst Wilhelm Wolf: Keyboard Sonatas £10.00


A Short History of the Clavichord by Koen Vermeij. A ‘lightning tour’ through the history of the instrument, tracing its development from the earliest times until the modern revival. English version (trans. David Griffel) of the book originally published in Dutch in 2007. £8.50

Clavichord Tuning and Maintenance by Peter Bavington £17.00
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BCS Newsletter (three issues per annum, 1995 onwards):  £1.20
If you are planning to order more than three copies of the BCS Newsletter, please email us for post and packing costs, including the word ‘clavichord’ in your message title.

Complete sets of the Newsletter can be supplied on request; please email us for details, including the word ‘clavichord’ in your message title.

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Clavichord International: per copy  £3.00
We can supply most earlier issues (please contact us for availability). Click here for the full contents list

Clavichord International (two issues per annual volume) has been published by the Dutch Clavichord Society since 1997


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